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Our Treatment Approach

Balance Psychiatric Services was founded to create an opportunity for those that need support to reach out from wherever they may be. From the comfort of your home or a place that feels relaxing to you, your provider will connect via video call and make sure you have the help you need.

We enjoy helping those of diverse backgrounds and identities. Several of our providers are involved with mental health services for the LGBTQ+ community and are bilingual in Spanish and English. We believe strongly in the importance of paying attention to cultural competency so that we can offer the right support for those of different nationalities, ages, and families.

Each of our providers are board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners who hold a Master of Science in Nursing. Additionally some of our providers also hold a Doctorate of Nursing Practice. Nurse Practitioner education emphasizes holistic care. We are taught as Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner that patients are people. They’re not charts, they’re not robots, they’re not television characters. People are unique, with each one living a life that no one else has lived before them, and no one will ever live again. That means that each person has their own personality, feelings, lifestyle, friends, and so much more. We believe that a holistic approach that looks at your entire person is the approach that is going to help you overcome your challenges. We want you to be educated on your healthcare options and actively participate in your treatment. 


Are We The Right Fit?

“The Wand Chooses the Wizard” ~Garrick Ollivander

Science-based treatments in the mental health field follow very specific guidelines. These guidelines are based on research that creates step by step instructions for psychiatric practitioners to guide treatments effectively, and a well trained psychiatric nurse practitioner will perform the treatment exactly as described. However, there is still a sizable difference in whether or not these treatments will be effective, and that is because one of the most important parts of treatment is fit: Discovering if you and your provider have the right connection and rapport so that your provider can get to know you, and you can feel confident and open with your provider. “Fit” is what helps those that are struggling truly find relief. It makes it easier to keep an open mind to the services that your provider can offer and allows your provider to really feel like they are getting to know you – something that is very important for a treatment plan. We know how important fit is to your growth and success, which is why we always offer a free brief consultation so that we can help to determine the right provider for you and you can ask us anything about these types of services and treatment.

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