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Office Hours:

Our office staff can be reached at 412-467-6410 as follows:

Monday: 12pm to 7pm Eastern Time (ET)

Tuesday: 12pm to 7pm ET

Wednesday: 12pm to 6pm ET

Thursday: 2pm to 7pm ET

Friday: 12pm to 5pm ET

Saturday: 12pm to 5pm ET

Sunday: 2pm to 7pm ET

New patients should complete the form located here prior to calling our office for an appointment.


If you call outside these hours, you will reach voicemail. Our messaging system is monitored outside of these hours for current patient needs. Billing questions should be directed to

Psychiatric care:

We offer appointments with our psychiatric providers Monday through Saturday with morning hours as early as 7am ET to evening hours as late as 10:30pm ET. 

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