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We accept the following insurances:






First Choice Health




Pacific Source



United Healthcare


Insurance can be confusing!  We are here to help.  It is possible for your insurance to cover your services in full or in part.  Once you provide your insurance information, we will verify your coverage for you.  While it is never a guarantee, we can provide the information that was provided by your insurance company on your coverage, and are in-network with many plans.  Being fully informed on your coverage for our services is important.  We do recommend you also check with your insurance to also verify your coverage.  Here are some questions to ask:


-What are my mental health benefits?


-Do I have a deductible and coinsurance?  Or a copay?


When estimating your out of pocket costs, deductible, coinsurance, and copay should be considered.  If you have a copay and we are in your network, that is the amount that you are expected to pay out of pocket.  Deductible will be paid over time.  If your deductible is $1000, you will be expected to pay this amount out of your pocket before the insurance begins to pay out on services.  For example, If you have a session that is $250, and this is the amount that your policy allows to be charged, you would pay $250 each session until the deductible is satisfied.  Once you reach that amount, you will only be responsible for the coinsurance.  If your coinsurance is 20%, that amount would be 20% of $250, or $50.


We accept major credit cards and HSA cards for payment through our portal.  


If you have questions or concerns about your coverage, we encourage you to reach out to  We are always happy to help walk you through it!

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