Is Medication Right For Me?

Deciding whether to take medication for your physical or mental health is like choosing the right career – it requires careful consideration of your strengths, weaknesses, and knowledge. Just like you wouldn’t become a mathematician if thinking about algebra makes you nervous, you shouldn’t rush into it without thinking through all the implications.

Who Are Your Trusted Medical Experts?

Healthcare experts, like our psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNPs), are your trusted resources to determine if a medication fits your body’s unique chemistry and composition. With a thorough psychiatric evaluation, our PMHNPs can take a holistic look at your health history and current symptoms to tailor a treatment plan that fits your needs.

What Should You Consider Before Taking Medication?

There are thousands of health conditions with just as many medications to treat them. During a medication management appointment, your provider will evaluate different evidence-based treatments, presenting you with the most viable options. Here are some things you should consider to make an informed decision about which medication works best for you.

I’m Ready To Start Looking At My Options. What Now?

The decision of whether medication is right for you should be based on a thorough evaluation of your medical condition, discussions with your PMHNP at Balance, and careful considerations of the other lifestyle, financial, and health factors. It’s crucial to be an informed participant in your healthcare decisions and be comfortable with and knowledgeable about how valuable medication is to your health condition.

So, are you ready to start looking at options for medications? Schedule an appointment with our providers by calling 412-467-6410 or filling out this contact form.