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*We are accepting new patients and accept the following insurances: Pacific Source, Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, UPMC, Providence, United Health Care, & Compsych. We accept patients on out of network benefits and as self-pay. We do not accept any Medicaid or Medicare plans. Medicare patients are not able to be self-pay due to federal regulations. New and current patients may send billing/insurance inquiries to

If you are interested in becoming a patient of Balance Psychiatric Services, please fill out the form here. Our office staff will contact you once we receive your completed form to assist you scheduling with an appropriate provider according to the your needs, location, and insurance. They are knowledgeable regarding the policies of Balance Psychiatric Services and what medications the providers prescribe. They will gather initial information needed and ensure that all necessary forms are completed in order for the initial psychiatric evaluation to proceed. We do not have a wait list for new patients. **Please be aware that a credit card is required in order to secure an appointment. 

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation: $395

Length of appointment: 60 to 90 minutes

Description: This is your first appointment with one of our providers at Balance Psychiatric Services. During this appointment, information will be gathered about the nature and history of your symptoms as well as information about any past psychiatric treatment. A diagnosis will be determined and we will develop a treatment plan.  Medications can be provided at this first appointment if determined to be appropriate. If you are able to, please provide a copy of your most recent lab work and blood pressure.

Psychiatric Medication Check: 

Length of Appointment: up to 30 minutes $195, up to 60 minutes $350

Description: Once your symptoms have been adequately managed and treated with medication management, care will continue to be provided through medication checks to ensure ongoing mental wellness. Each additional 15 minutes beyond first half hour are charged $87.50.

Psychotherapy: Not currently offered.

Form completion: $85


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